Hey there EcoHouse!
Today in the crisp November air nine of us had a foot"ball"! Aaron, Dillon, Cameron, Emilie, Susie, Joe, Mike, Josh, and myself went out and had a really good time. We had a representative from all but two of the Ecohouse apartments so, way to go guys! We gathered and started playing good-old-fashioned two-hand-touch football around 3:30 and kept at it until the sun was setting at about 5. We divided into 4 on 4 teams of Mike, Emilie, Josh, and myself vs. Aaron, Cameron, Susie, and Joe. Dillon played permanent QB for much of the game and was amazing, executing excellent plays and accurate passes to everybody. Josh and Joe dominated the scoring with their skillful speed and ability to catch and retain possession of long passes. Aaron had some awesome down completions including one very impressive two footed slide on the grass after which he managed to stay upright. Mike took over QB, and was a clutch blocker, and scored a touchdown. Cameron was also a down completing master, relief QB, and touchdown maker. Emilie was by far the most skilled female and the organizer of this fun social activity so PROPS! She had the unenviable position of covering Joe and was the only female to make a touchdown. Susie was a great sport at learning the rules as she went along. Her tight coverage of me also meant that when I managed to catch the ball (about 75% of the time) I barely got any separation. We had a really fun time, got some good exercise, and had a chance to hang out in the fresh air! After all what is November if there are not at least a few pick up games of touch football? We definitely want to do this again and hope that even more people come. I feel really bad because I cannot remember what the final score was, but we were pretty even throughout and were 5-5 or 5-6 (counting each touchdown as one point) near the end of the game. It just goes to show that it really doesn't matter if you win or loose, just that you have fun!


Plenty's Ask blog

Hey! Have you ever had a question about living sustainably that has stumped everybody you've asked? I know I have. Frequently asked questions pages and Top Ten Ways lists are great for beginners, but what about those of us who are hardcore?

Plenty Magazine has a blog just for folks like us. The questions are smart and the answers are thorough. Go forth, environerd, and become wiser.


Environmental Tip of the Day

Go vote.

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