A week in the life

And it's only Wednesday.

I just thought I'd post about the Ecohouse stuff I've done this week in the context of my schedule. Non-Ecohouse stuff (which is to say, not necessarily supported by or universal to Ecohouse) is italicized. This way y'all can get a feel for what it's like to be a student here, except replace the italicized activities with your own classes/organizations/hobbies.

_Had cold. Played Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess.
_Met with Josh, Tory, Hanna, and Michelle about Ecohouse garden. We decided that we're planting cover crops of clover and rye. We're going to weed and plant the seeds on Saturday after our Claggett Farm field trip. We also worked on our long-term plan...
_...Played more Zelda. Colds bad, video games good - one needs balance, you know.

_Cold worsened. Got up early to study for exam. Body was all, "Dear brain, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to perform normal functions today. Sincerely, body." Slept the whole day instead.
_Except when I was awake, I received an email from Sanho Tree, who works for the Institute for Policy Studies and will hopefully join us in November to talk about the War on Drugs and sustainability issues abroad.

_Took our apartment's compost bucket out to the bin we (as in other Ecohouse members) set up.
_Went to class - Tolkien on War with Dr. Fleiger and Medieval Women Writers with Dr. Keyser.
_TAed for a Scholars Environmental Studies course.

_Met with Natalie, Shari, Emily, Elena, and Xenia about our peer teaching presentation. Broke down our topic of consumerism into six sub-topics: (1) pre-1950s history, (2) birth of consumerism and defining it along with associated terms, (3) modern examples, (4) environmental impact, (5) the benefits and limitations of recycling, (6) and alternative methods like reducing, reusing, and means of production.
_Went to Students for Sensible Drug Policy meeting. Announced the Sanho Tree plans and enlisted the help of SSDP - and its budget. <3
_Did homework for genetics discussion

_Went to genetics discussion after a long, environmentally unfriendly shower. :-/ At least I feel better now. Got a ridiculously good grade on genetics exam.
_Went to Organismal Biology lecture with Dr. Jeffery, then to genetics with Dr. Shields, then to the Environmental Studies class I TA.

_Emailed Mom.
_Sent an announcement to Ecohouse members about a fundraising event at California Tortilla tomorrow. If you go there between 5-9pm and say "books", they'll donate some of their profits to a fund to send books to Northern Uganda! I have to plug it as much as possible because I've been working hard on fundraising this semester.
_Got food at My Organic Market.
_Made yummy omlettes and pumpkin bread.

_Gave my roommate Olivia blog authorship so she can write about the workshop she ran tonight.
_Procrastinated on English class readings by writing in the blog.

As you can see, Ecohouse is quite an active community, but it leaves room for other activities and studies. I'm looking forward to tree planting and gardening on Saturday, plus going for a run with Shari on Sunday if I'm feeling ship-shape by the weekend.

Also, I forgot to do my laundry. Dang.

p.s. Please don't stalk me now that you know my schedule. I don't take kindly to that sort of thing.

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