Natalie and I answer a WikiAnswer on Sustainablilty!!!!


What are the primary components for sustainability?

There are four pillars of environmental sustainability commonly recognized: society, ecology, government, and economy.

More specifically, societal sustainability is concerned with the well being of current people but also future generations. Though common reference to societal sustainability is the "seventh generation" stewardship, which requires that in all actions you consider the needs of the next seven generations, not just your and your own generation's needs. It also includes the need to incorporate sustainable practices into cultural norms in order for the society to persist.

Ecological sustainability is concerned with the health of the natural environment, the conservation of natural resources, and the preservation of ecosystem functions performed by individual members and the ecosystem as a whole. It requires that use of natural resources not exceed the capacity of an ecosystem to regenerate them, known as the carrying capacity. Ecological sustainability also includes preservation of biological diversity, which includes genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity.

Governmental sustainability primarily pushes for legislation that furthers the other three components of sustainability, acting as a steward of common resources and the public well being for many generations, not only the present constituents.

Economic sustainability uses the construct known as the triple bottom line, as opposed to the traditional "bottom line", which only concerns itself with monetary success. The triple bottom line considers economic profitability compared to environmental harm or profitability compared to societal harm or profitability.

Here is the link!!!!! And yes, we know we did this at 10:44 on a Saturday night... shut up we are awesome! We think this was a fitting test, a final for EcoHouse in real life if you will... and we will.

I (Maura) also had a wonderfully amazing experience today with my job as an employee at "Good Tidings" the catering company of the University of Maryland. We are slowly but surely becoming green but sometimes it feels like an uphill battle, throwing away disposable plates, watching clients not reycle their bottles, or not having enough staff to do composting. HOWEVER, today even though my AMAZING co-workers Jamall and Hey-xi decided that even though they had been working since 4 AM and it was now 3 PM that they were going to SET UP A BAG FOR THE COMPOST!!!!!!! And I quote "The reason that we decided to set up a compost bag was because we knew that it would make you happy Maura" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was an so COOL to see my INDIVIDUAL contrubution of nagging for compost to PERMEATE into the world! One person CAN make a difference!!!!

Also, being the environmental activist that I am I was dumping out half drank and then abandoned water and juice bottles and soda cans in the bathroom sink when one of the clients asked me "Why are you doing that, do they tell you to?" Scared, thinking she was mad that I was dumping stuff that might make the sink sticky (even though I was rinsing it out), and not wanting my boss or the catering company to get in trouble I truthfly confessed, "No I am just doing this of my own accord. I am an environmental major." Then something magical happened... she said, and I quote, "Oh my gosh, I am always the one at parties doing this too! Thanks so much. I thank you, my children thank you, and my children's children thank you!" I said "Best thank you ever!"

So the moral of my true story is that you should always do what you can to help the environment, you will help to permeate change in unespected places like work, and you will meet kindred spirits in unexspected paces like in the bathroom. Although I got a multi-generational "thank-you" this time around most of the time no one sees you pick up the trash as you walk to class, no one sees you compost your coffee grounds, and no one sees the extra money you spend on organic products. So I, Maura Donovan would like to say


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