The School Year Begins

It is now September 16th and the fall 2009 semester is in full swing. Although Rebecca and I are no longer living in the EcoHouse that does not mean that the EcoHouse has ended. I swung by earlier this week with current Commons-mate and fellow EcoHouse Alum Emilie to check out our old apartment and steal some water (we had just gone for a brutally hot run.) The EcoHousers are doing well, the apartment is both new and eerily familiar. They have already gone on the famed Anacostia Watershed Field Trip (no word if they were again dazzled by the hot environmentalist Lee) and have had a social bonding event hosted by Emilie's old roommate Natalie.

As much as I have enjoyed contributing to this blog I hope that within the next few days some new members will take up the mantle, there is nothing like a first hand perspective! I will continue to contribute occasionally, however, so fear not... just "Fear the Turtle!"

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