Today, Emily, Natalie, and myself joined some CPEG volunteers to do a stream cleanup. College Park Environmental Group is an on-campus student organization that has adopted a small stretch of Paint Branch stream near the Catholic Student Center. They usually hold cleanup events a few times each semester, among other service and outdoorsy activities.

Picking up trash can lead to interesting sociological hypotheses. For instance, when I picked up trash in my small suburban hometown, most of it consisted of cigarette boxes, beer cans, and hard liquor bottles. This, I figure, is because young people are afraid of disposing of these things in their parents' houses, where they may have to answer for them, so they toss them out of the car instead. Now who wants the job of sitting on the side of the road, watching cars go by, and observing the people who litter to determine whether my hypothesis is correct?

Nobody? Okay.

We found some fans.

I have plans for these fans. I shan't reveal them yet, but suffice to say I lugged them from the Catholic Student Center all the way to Ecohouse (at Leonardtown behind Frat Row) amidst puzzled Terps supporters tailgating for the football game. I love being that person who makes people's days interesting.

Other observations:
-The only carbonated soft beverages represented were Coke (Coca Cola) and Mountain Dew (PepsiCo).
-There were many beer cans, a few liquor bottles, and no wine bottles or boxes. I would like to point out that although Natty Light and its derivatives have "natural" in the brand name, the aluminum cans do not actually belong in or around the stream. I will stop being a wise guy when people stop littering.
-There was a chair. Also, a cell phone LED panel.
-There was a sign - one of the yellow signs from Knox Rd. that says "Residential Permit Parking Only." Only permit-holding residents may park on the banks of the stream; all others will be towed.
-There were no bodies.
-There seemed to be a lot less litter than there's been in the past! So either our fellow students haven't gotten started properly trashing campus yet this semester, or more of them are taking advantage of the limitless opportunities for trash disposal and recycling offered by this great institution. Go Terps!

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