New Blog Contributor on the Anacostia Field Trip

Hey there EcoHouse members and enthusiasts! This is my first blog entry ever. How far I have come in three short years from looking up what the word "blog" meant junior year of high school. I'm testing the blogging waters right now so... how 'bout that Field Trip?

This weekend the entire EcoHouse went to the Anacostia River to pick up some trash. We all did not think that this Canoeing trip would actually take place as it had been steadily raining for two days and we had learned in class that after too much rain the sewage treatment plant overflowed. At 1 in the morning I did decide to get a little sleep... just in case... but it was sobering to check my email and see that indeed the fieldtrip would go on. Luckily one of my amazing EcoHouse apartment mates Elena made us pancakes as we got ready.

An army of bikers made their way to the river by trail but I was in the car because I do not know how to ride a bike. I wish I could say something about the bike-trail because I am sure it was scenic and fun. EcoHouse re-assembled in the parking-lot and were treated to bagels, cream-cheese, and hummus!!!

We were also greeted by Anacostia River protector Lee Cain, who we in our apartment have nicknamed "The Meast" because he is a man and a beast... a Man-Beast... a "Meast!" All we have to say is that you brought this on yourself when you decided to grow your own food while sporting dimples. In all seriousness Lee is a very good guide who gave us an interactive lecture on Tuesday and then an awesome Pontoon Boat tour of the river on Sunday. He also looked out for us and told us that it would be unsafe to pick up trash because of the aforementioned fecal matter in the river. The Pontoon Boat Tour replacing the Canoeing/ Trash Clean-up was very informative and full of wildlife... and trash sightings. The vast majority of the trash consisted of plastic bottles and Styrofoam containers, but there were also sports balls. Seeing the trash caught on branches, collected on the bank and floating in the river was the wake up call this sleepy group of college students needed to get them alert before noon on a Saturday. It makes you think about the things that you use and where they ultimately end up. The animals were cool to see and included blue and white herons, kingfishers, ducks, geese, a hawk, and cutest of all... TURTLES.

After a scenic lunch in the arboretum we were on our way back, some on the boat enjoying the sights for the first time as they had fallen asleep on the first pass down. Then the heavens opened thanks to Cameron's quote "I wish it were raining right now!" A few minutes later and it began to POUR. Thus our river field trip came to a soggy end, exponentially so for the army of bikers who braved the torrential onslaught on their way back to campus.

All in all it was a fun trip! We bonded, got drenched, and were motivated by the trashy banks of the Anacostia... and the Meast.

Note: The author had a nice conversation with the Meast during lunch and in no way condones the objectification of Anacostia Watershed Society Environmental Educator Lee Cain the dimpled, food growing, river-saving, former teacher.


Susie said...

Yayy, we saw Testudo on the water!!! :D
And thanks a lot Cameron...

Rebecca Ogle said...

First blog post ever? Wow! Mine was sometime in seventh grade, on Livejournal. I talked about how I had a crush on Draco Malfoy and how I wrote fanfiction, and also bragged about how crazy I was. How far we've come indeed. :D