And so it begins.

We've started recruiting new members for Ecohouse. This means that flyers with the EH website on them are being distributed all over campus, which in turn means that lots of people might be swinging by the blog soon. Yikes! I mean, Hi! Welcome!

Welcome to the Ecohouse blog.

My name is Rebecca. I walk an interesting line with this blog. I need to balance my impulse to make my college friends chuckle with some air of professionalism. If I get political, I try to present something debatable, not definite. I try to read the news but sometimes I get very busy making news, or not making the news being an unsung hero. (Oops, I just sung myself. So much for that.) When I leave Ecohouse in the spring, I hope this blog will be taken over by someone who loves to write, and feels confident doing so to a diverse demographic. I've leaned towards sharing my ponderings here, but I look forward to seeing what students will make of this blog in the future. If there's anything you'd like to see in this blog (or not like to see in this blog) in the mean time, drop me a comment!

Now I bring you our feature presentation: Top 10 Reasons to Join Ecohouse.

1. It's a great way to supplement your ENSP or other environment-related major with leadership and service experience.
2. For less environmentally oriented majors, Ecohouse is a chance to learn about environmental issues that you're interested in.
3. You can walk to campus, the metro, and the farmer's market.
4. You'll make friends. Oh yes, you will make friends. United by our interest in sustainability, we're still a pretty diverse group. Everybody can belong: tree-huggers, yes, but also Greek terps, students of all identities and persuasions, even English majors!
5. There's nothing like group support and/or peer pressure to get you into the habit of living sustainably.
6. You'll be in a program designed to help you make change on campus. Do you think the dorms should compost? Should there be more recycling at athletic events? In Ecohouse, you'll have the resources to start major projects.
7. Rare opportunities such as touring a nuclear power plant have been known to arise for Ecohouse students.
8. We compost, we have a garden, low-flow showerheads, and plenty of room for fresh ideas.
9. Hawaii and the Virgin Islands. What about them? You'll have to find out...
10. Ecohouse, like college, your relationship with the environment, and your Friday night, is what you make it.

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