Winter greens

It's been a long time since the Greench stole Christmas, and I'm about ready for winter to be over. Pretty much every organism changes its behavior during the winter. People don't, and that's why I think 10% of the population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder or the winter blues. It wouldn't be so bad if we slowed down, hibernated, maybe shed our leaves or flew to Mexico. The deficient sunlight would still be a fact of life, but not as much of a disorder.

'Course, nobody's forcing me to be so productive. I'm a student. I'm paying them.

Anywho, if you wake up every morning cursing the cold and the sun in the southern sky, good news: Now is a good time to start planting for the spring. You can start seedlings indoors 4-8 weeks before the last winter frost. Read the instructions on the [organic] seed package to find out how much sunlight and water to give the seeds, how long to wait for them to sprout, and when to put them outside. The Ecohouse garden group is using old cardboard egg cartons as containers for our seedlings. Read more about starting plants indoors. The article has suggestions for types of soil to use - you can use compost, too.

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