Scavenger hunt!

Today, for a "team-building" activity, we did a scavenger hunt. We broke into teams to gather items and photos of things both eco-friendly and zany.

My team consisted of myself, Tory, and Dave. Our team name? "The winners." That's right. As Dave sprinted a mile down the Paint Branch Trail to borrow somebody's dog for a photo, I said to Tory, "Hey, we need to come up with a team name." We thought for a second and, in the same instant, said "The winners!" We'll see if it turns out to be so.

Why so confident? Well maybe it's the fact that we didn't only get a picture with a freshman; we got a picture with a freshman half-naked in bed at noon. There is a photo of me looking two feet tall in comparison to Dave, who is about 60 pounds heavier than me and receiving a piggyback. A female cop posed for us, giving him a high-five. We have a clear picture of Tory talking to the Jim Henson statue, even though Michelle's team tried to sabotage the photo by running in front of us. The Food Co-op kindly donated some coffee beans to our cause... ahem... So should I play the Queen now, or later? Weeee are the champions, my friends...

I was impressed to learn that Maura actually owns organic underwear, and tickled pink by Aaron's team bringing in a plant as their solar-powered object.

The overwhelming sentiment seemed to be, "I didn't expect that to be fun, but it was!" Which, uhh, was nice to hear since I brainstormed the whole activity. (But I put lots of stuff I didn't have on the list, so don't say I cheated!) I based it on a similar event that went down in my hometown during winter break. That scavenger hunt called for a plastic Santa, a picture of a team member getting arrested (no actual arrests took place - cops in our town get bored and gladly obliged by cuffing us), and a rubber chicken, among other things. Nobody found a rubber chicken, but the team that put a fried chicken wing in a condom won. This scavenger hunt was a tad more PC and eco-themed than the one back home, but hilarity ensued nonetheless.

Hopefully Maura will update us with her version of today's events.

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Michelle said...

MY team totally won!! :) So don't get your hopes up- it might just be a showdown or double over time next week!