A New Semester


This is Maura for those who are new, I am a sophomore English and Environmental Science and Policy double major.

There is so much to tell about this semester! We have moved back in, well... I actually discovered yesterday one of my roommates still has not unpacked, Susie it is the end of Febuary! The class has lost a few faces to study abroad programs and packed schedules, but we have gained a new addition too. WELCOME EZINNE!!!!!!!! It is very nice living with you, and I want the world to know...lol. Not only are the faces new, but EcoHouse's format has changed for this semester. Now some of us are doing semester long projects, and others are doing multiple small challenges.

We has a REALLY fun scavenger hunt last week which was the highlight of my Sunday! My group had such a silly time with one of the picture items to scavenge: pretend to sleep on a bus... there were no seats, so I am pretending to be asleep standing on a bus! Rachel conquered a fear on the Scavenge by getting on my back for a ride, she confessed that she is always scared the person is going to fall down. On a different team, Dave was so comitted to a win that he PURCHASED a cup! However, I bought a sandwich from the Co-op so I think it is safe to bet everyone gets caught up in the spirit of competition.

I think that the scavenger hunt represents the best of what EcoHouse has to offer a student. We had a really great time with eachother and we learned a lot about people that we may not have known before. There was also the presence of fun and positive "morals to the story" (or hunt) that underscored the event about sustainability and active participation in life. I am so grateful that I have had the oppertunity to meet and bond with the people that comprise EcoHouse. Rebecca deserves a lot of credit for making this Scavenger Hunt a sucess and for being an integral part of the spirit of EcoHouse. Rebecca not only has organized this event, but she also set up the EcoHouse Blog, and updates it far more regualarly than I. Without a doubt my EcoHouse experince would be far less rich had it not been for Rebecca. And she, for any potential EcoHousers out there, is just one member of this living and learning program. Imagine living with and interacting with dozens of like minded passionate students. That is why living in the EcoHouse is so amazing and why I am so privileged to be a member!

PS Rebecca I would love it if you posted the Scavenger Hunt list online in case anyone wants to re-create or relive the magic!

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Rebecca Ogle said...

Wow! Thanks for the eulogy! It's not often one gets those when one is alive. But seriously, it's the end of winter and I could use all the positive reinforcement I can get, so thanks. :)

Posting the list is something I can do. I suppose I can put it on the blog.

I just linked this blog on some job applications I sent out, so to have a totally random recommendation in the top post is pretty sweet. XD